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EPISODE 13 :: The “B’OnTheBeat” Episode (@TheGListShow @BOnTheBeat)

Refueled and revitalized, the G-List kicks off the new season with special guest, San Diego producer B'OnTheBeat. He joins the homies Trey Peezy, Slice, Dagotron, and Jaywat as they bring…
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EPISODE 12 :: The “El Gun Legro & DJ Push-A-Button” Episode (@TheGListShow @ElGunLegro)

The G-List comes back at you with one of our best episodes yet! El-Gun Legro stops by with DJ Push-A-Button to hang out for the full show, and together they…
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EPISODE 11 :: The “Relationship” Episode w/Warren Basile (@TheGListShow)

The G-List returns with relationship counselor Warren Basile, and the guys learn a very important lesson about recording a backup! We're bringing you what we got in Part 1, with…
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EPISODE 10 :: The “DJ Pleazy” Episode (@TheGListShow @DJPleazy)

The G-List returns with an all new episode featuring San Diego's own DJ Pleazy! Also featuring new music from Jay-Z and Major Lazer (feat. Tyga), the G's speak on a…
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EPISODE 09 :: The “Just The G’s 2: Electric Boogaloo” Episode (@TheGListShow)

The G-List is show is back again with a brand new episode! Topics include First Friday, the new Evil Dead movie, best/worst hip hop answers, some surprising celebrity birthdays, and…
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